50 thoughts on “Submission Scale

  1. Thank you Sir, for offering that poll, which allowed it to identify with being a slave. it believes in the accuracy of the scale because, this it, does not desire to make any decisions at all, and only seeks to have Superior White God (Master) give it, it’s identity. So, it is thankful for the scale.

  2. I do enjoy the way you have framed this specific difficulty plus it does offer me some fodder for consideration. However, coming from what precisely I have observed, I simply trust when other commentary pile on that people keep on point and not start on a tirade of some other news du jour. Still, thank you for this outstanding piece and whilst I do not necessarily concur with it in totality, I respect your standpoint.

  3. i am a slave most of the time with variable levels of freedom. There are times when Master uses me as an object and something to be stored when not useful. As Master evolves, i am his object more. The balance for being a object is that the more he treats me as an object, the more intense is love becomes. i think that we have a healthy relationship because of that balance.

  4. Thanks for this! I suppose there will be subcategories, and maybe even more categories as you think of them; but with your experience you must know what you’re talking about.

    And the scary (not the right phrase) thing is exactly how accurate you are in tieing the different sections up. I sort of expected that I’d have the characteristics of a slave, the restraint levels of a fag; and the time spent of a bitch; ; but in fact you’ve got me off to a “T”; as a fag from beginning to end. And I suspect if I say “I don’t really like the word “fag”, I’d rather be considered generally sub”; you’re probably going to point out that’s pretty standard thinking for a fag 😉

    I shall now settle down to thinking about being controlled by a dom for the next half an hour or so! Well, now I know I’m a fag I might as well behave like one.

  5. I’m the bitch in true nature. This is all I do all day, searching for studs with a big dick to get facebashed by. The deeper and harder the better I feel.

  6. I think I fall in the slut category. Witch I don’t see. I am Submissive but think about cock all the time. I think about being a masters slut and for him to make me do what ever he pleases.

  7. My Sir and I have been trying to define what I am and how we interact in different situations. We’ve both agreed that I’m not a slave. I read your chart and your description of fag fits me perfectly.

    I don’t like being submissive in public, and that has been a bone of contention. So does he need to accept that? Or does he need to break me of it?

    How do we advance our relationship when I feel the need to be my own man? What advice would you give him?

    • He should break you of it. Submission in public will only come if there is harsh punishment at home for disobedience. your purpose is to serve and obey. It is not conditional on location or scene. Any disobedience should be met with punishment to ensure the behavior is modified.

  8. Master I really need to be owned again,but now I am older it is more difficult.Do you know any Masters who would take a slave like this.Thankyou Sir.

  9. I identify with your definition of a bitch although I am not very skilled at taking dick and desire a man to be my master/pimp to train me. I do wish I was an old fashioned wife who served her man completely and whoring me out would be my pleasure. Im located in Los Angeles, CA. Can you help me find someone to help me on my journey as I am super new to this and feel tormented by my burning need for a master to lead me.

  10. Interesting scale. I am sure there are many different angels one could look at it, but this classification works just fine for me.

    Having read through the definitions I think I am very clear case of a Fag 🙂
    That’s that sorted then 🙂 Thank you!

  11. Hi Sir thank you for this scale. I am a mix between fag and slave. My purpose is to serve and obey. I would like to learn more about to be an obedient boy. Disobedience have to punished at home. Sir I need a master. I’m worthless without. My place should be on my knees. I’m so happy if my master says “Good boy” My freedom is to ask for permission. In some moments I enjoy if my masters say no? I’m so thankful for this. I’m sorry for my bad english. I am a little german fag. Thank you so much for your help with obedient greetings from your german slave Sven

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