Chastity Devices

There are a ton of chastity devices out there. I’ve own about half dozen or so of them. When considering a chastity device, there are several things to consider such as how long you or your boy will be in one, material it is made with, and lifestyle.

Chastity devices made out of plastic or silicone are a good choice for beginners. They are light and comfortable, good for long term wear and an active lifestyle. They can be worn discretely under clothes, so your secret’s safe. However, they are easy to slip out of and are more of a toy than a cage.

I find the metal devices are much better for real chastity. They are harder (but not impossible) to slip out of. They are still discrete and can be worn under clothing. They extra weight of the metal will be a constant reminder to you or your boy that you are caged but it won’t cause pain. But make sure you buy a quality product. Corroding metal can be bad for your skin.

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My favorite is the Master Series Extreme Chastity Cage. It is a well designed, quality product With its unique locking screws, you don’t need to have a separate lock. The lock is the biggest hassle with a chastity device. Not needing a lock with this product is a great feature. It comes with a urethral metal tube insert. You can choose to use it or not. Slipping out is harder with the insert but wearing long term is also more difficult with it. So there’s a trade off to using it. The openings in the cage allow enough room for keeping it clean without having to take it off. That’s another big feature. Search in the “Chastity Devices” section of the store for Master Series Extreme Chastity Cage.

Runner Up:

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seed pod

Stainless Steel Pod

This bad boy is a good full cage. You or your slave can’t access any part of the cock or balls. There’s a strap inside that makes pulling out more difficult. It’s still a low profile enough to be worn under clothing discretely. But I assure you, you won’t forget it’s there. Hygiene is not easy with this one, so it’s probably better for a short term sentence. Perhaps punishment for complaining about being in the Master Series. I would recommend taking baths instead of showers for better cleaning.



  • Use the smallest diameter ring that’s possible. If initially the smallest one is too small, put on the size that fits. Then in a couple of weeks go to the smaller size. It will fit then.
  • Keep the pubes shaved or trimmed. The pubic hair will get caught up in the device. Besides, chastity slaves should always be shaved.
  • Use q tips to help keep the cock and device clean.
  • There will be gobs of pre-cum, especially in the beginning. Have a tissue or someway to wipe it up. Don’t sleep nude for the first few days. It will slow/stop after a few days or so.
  • Pic is of a boy being milked. Milking or cuming should happen once a month for health reasons. No need to remove cage if done by prostate or electro.

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