There’s so much bondage gear to choose from. Here are a few of my favorites.

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wrist and ball restraintWrist to Ball Restraint

This is a great value product because you can use it as cuffs alone as well as a restraint to tie to balls. So you can use it as pictured or separate the pieces and use the leather cuffs as restraints by themselves. If you already have leather restraints, you probably don’t need this because you accomplish the same thing by other means. But if you don’t have leather restraints, this is a nice product to buy. You get the restraints plus the great ball tie down attachments. Leather restraints like these are so versatile because you can lock down your boy in multiple ways very easily.

Rawhide Laces

I love these. If you buy 2 of them, you can pretty much restrain a slave in as many ways as you can image. I think they are as good as twice¬†the quantity of rope. They are also great for travel. I always pack them in my suitcase when I am traveling. They don’t get tangled and take up almost no space. Yet I have an instant bondage kit on the road. Use 1 to restrain hands and/or feet. Use the other to tie down dick as pictured. Or whatever you want to do. Hog tie, wrists around neck, toes to balls. Get creative. If I could only keep one piece of bondage gear, this would be it.

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Nose Clamp Nose Shackle

This item doesn’t come with a chain attached, so you can attach to a lease or rope.




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Nose Clamp with Chain

This item is attached to a chain. The chain has a little weight to it, so it will pull down a bit. This clamp can be locked into place.





Not too many people have these clamps but they are very effective. Once the clamp is is in place, your slave will stop resisting. If you use it as a leash, your slave will follow you with the lightest tug. You can use it to tie your slave to an object and it will not try to escape at all. Clamp doesn’t have to tight; just tight enough to ensure it can’t slip out. If it is properly fitted, it will be slightly uncomfortable but tolerable. If it is too tight, it will really hurt and may be damaging. Try using it on its upper ear lobe for more fun.

Professional Police Handcuffs

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A bondage collection isn’t complete without a good set of handcuffs. But don’t get the cheap kind. Get a good, high quality product. The one I’ve selected is police quality, meaning your boy isn’t breaking out them. Another important feature is that cuffs can be double locked. What that means is that you can lock the cuffs so they will not continue to get tighter. That prevents the cuffs from getting too tight by accident, potentially causing injury.

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