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Chastity slave / Key Holder Agreements 

Often, chastity slaves will look for a key holder, someone to hold the key or code to unlock the chastity cage the slave is wearing.

  • The chastity slave and key holder usually agree on amount of time the slave has to be in chastity before the key is given back to the slave.
  • The key holder may extend the time the slave is in chastity at the key holder’s discretion, up to a limit. For example, they may agree the slave is in chastity for at least 1 week, but they key holder may extend the time by 2 additional weeks.
  • The amount of time can be days, weeks, or months, or just be left open ended.
  • As with all Dom/sub relationships, limits are discussed and agreed to.

By turning over the key, the chastity slave is turning over control. This is where the key holder can train the slave to be obedient and just have some fun. The key holder will give the slave assignments to complete. These can be acts of submission, humiliation, and/or punishment. Failing to complete them will add time to the chastity slave’s sentence up to the agreed maximum.

Key holding situations are often involve virtual or infrequent in-person sessions. In these situations, the chastity slave has to provide proof the assignments have been completed. Proof can be in the form pics, video, text, email, voice, cam, etc.

Below is a list of 20 sample assignments I have given to my chastity slaves in the past. The list can be limitless. I’ve selected a range of mild to extreme humiliation assignments, which modified based on the situation. I’ve listed them as poll, so you can vote on your favorites. They are in no particular order. Feel free to comment on my list or suggest ones of your own. Enjoy, Master Temeck.

Chastity slave Assignments

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28 thoughts on “Chastity Humiliation Assignments

  1. sir, i have jut found an online master that i want to please very badly, it is my purpose. i was wondering what are some tips on how to be a better slave for him? he said he didn’t want to coach me through the whole thing next time.

  2. When wearing a device, I think it’s always good to have uncertainty about how long your period of chastity will last.. The keyholder should always set a series of tasks which have to be done before he even considers whether to unlock the device.

  3. All excellent ideas for humiliating chastity slaves. i have always wanted to be forced to walk around the gym naked while in chastity. If i could find a gym that i could freely wear a chastity device in i would always be in chastity except when Master wanted to play with his slave’s cock.

  4. slave has known for many years that Otis to be owned property. Several of these things it has done and been fulfilled by each of them. Hopefully one day will be really owned property! Thank YOU SIR

  5. along the go dildo shopping and carry out in a clear bag … make the slave go butt plug shopping, get a plug that’s bigger than it’s ever taken – and then the slave must pay the clerk to shove it in its pussy and wear it home.

  6. I have been through chastity training and have done many of the required items…believe me after you are locked up for 60 days you will do anything that is ordered.

  7. All of them are fantastic, but the idea of asking men in public for the honor to kiss their feet or shoes sounds extremely hot and humiliating to me..

  8. Today I am in a chastity belt for the first time. It feels great. A friend has put one key in the post second class,and taken the other . That only leaves my ass free.being a sub I will wait and see what happens to it.

  9. Hardening at the thought of being fully shaved with a plug in my hole for the day until my potential MasterDaddySir decides to remove it

  10. Maybe “Only allow out of chastity in white spandex pants in public place. Up to you whether you want to provide them a shirt. Maybe a radio remote control anal vibrator or shocker might also be a good idea. One could play around with what verbal response they give to any queries about their condition. I could see this being very entertaining.”

    ” ‘Tell anyone that asks about your spasms or erection that it is caused by too much gluten in your system.’ ”

    I am much too sadistic to be a sub, but that is what I am…

      • As a slave I take risks. I already stayed two minutes in a street, in white briefs, on my knees, in the light of my car lights. Cars were passing by, some flashed, others put their windows down and whistled. Sure I could have been beaten up by a anti-fag guy, but this would have been well deserved. I passed by a queue of lads waiting to enter a dance club with my fave covered with cum. 10 or 20 lads saw it and yelled “fag fag fag fag !” Again this was close and dangerous. And even took a walk on all four fully naked like the dog I am, in the street by night. But come on, we all know this is not ONLY a game: it is also real, we are fags, subhuman, small dicks, never hard, piss drinkers, etc. We must respect Alpha’s orders, this is the meaning of our lives, even if it involves a limited and controlled risk taking from our parts.

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