Domination Scale

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This is how I classify dominants.

What type of Dominant are you?

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12 thoughts on “Domination Scale

  1. Thank you Sir. I know I needed a master. To live with his rules, protocols. In case of disobedience i must be punished. I know i need correction. Thank you so much for your help with obedient greetings from your german slave Sven

  2. What if someone identifies equally with two different Dominant types? For instance, I truly enjoy satisfying my bottom boy and taking him to new heights of pleasure when I fuck him. And, then hearing his orgasmic moans of ecstasy and his verbal accolades of my stellar performance in turn makes me very happy and proud of my physical efforts. Which then leads to my own satisfaction and ultimately my climax. Yet, I’m just as easily aroused by seeing him bound with restraints on all fours with his ass in the air for my taking. And, any signs of struggle or other indications that the sex is non-consensual fuels my performance and state of arousal until I achieve my orgasm. Which I do my best to ensure is as deep and as far inside of him as it can possibly go. And all of that is done regardless or in spite of any pleasure that he may experience.
    As I said, I experience these different scenarios strongly and equally as if they are two sides of the same coin. Perhaps my being a Gemini, as well as my desire to see and understand the world from various perspectives, has created the environment that makes it possible for me to be both a Top and a Sir in equal measure. With that in mind, do you have any advice or suggestions that will help me to fully accept my role as both? I’m concerned that my divided attention might possibly hold me back and prevent me from excelling at one or both of these dominant roles.

    Thank you in advance for any words of wisdom that you can offer.

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It’s not uncommon to go up or down on the scale. Sometimes it based on mood, a phase, or the person you’re with. My philosophy is to enjoy where you are at the time. Hopefully my scales help people in self discovery and to find the right partner. But it sounds to me like your more “Sir” on the scale.

  3. Hi Master. I bow before YOUR power and beauty. But am not sure if I am a Sir or not .like to dominate and worship a Master. Confused
    YOUR humble servant

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