Slave Application Process – NEW

Master Temeck’s Level Appliciation Process

Many perspective slaves have asked about my application process, so I’ve documented the process here. Keep mind these are meant to be examples and not a complete list.

I only accept 1 or 2 candidates per year. For those I do, the fail rate is very high. The majority of whom never make it past the first step. I’ve made the process difficult to ensure only those that would be classified as a “slave” on my submission scale would have a chance of being selected. That is where my personal interest is.

Providing this list is not an invitation for people to request to apply. I only list these to answer the questions I’ve received about it. Only express interest in applying if you think you can seriously complete the process. However, I prefer to have fans and followers than to have to reject candidates.

I am always happy to provide advice and ideas through the Forum.