37 thoughts on “Top 10 Chastity Rules

  1. Dear master,
    I am a submissive male. I was attempted to be trained in chastity by a dom straight Master. He locked me up, but unfortunately, my slack scrotum and small balls i always eventually painfulyl pulled through. any advice please Master?

  2. Hi Sir, I’m glad about to find your page. The Rules are perfect for me. I searching for a master and keyholder. I would like to be an obedient boy for him. I know I needed a lot of education. My dick is kiddy like. And I’m sorry for my bad english. I am a little german fag. Thank you so much for your help. With obedient greetings from your german slave Sven

  3. I would like a master…i am in Starkville Mississippi, so finding one nearby is difficult. I would move out once my semester of college is over to be a live in slave as long as i am taken care of and well trained.

  4. A fag like me knows chastity is the best option. Unfortunately, any time it tries the cage in or starts talking seriously to a key holder, it gets so excited about being put in its proper place that it looses self control (not a strong suit for fags) and shamefully misuses its useless dick, then once again becomes selfishly distracted by its “needs” instead of a Master’s “wants” (what is really more important?) Then, the cycle repeats! Please help!

    • I like to be your master and keyholder. The only one who degides you may come or not. And its not you who makes yourself come. I as your master make you come. Sometimes 3x a day, sometimes you have to wait more than a month.

    i love YOUR reply’s and read them often. i am locked up in my MASTERS chastity and have been for 2years! and i am not allowed to cum at all. MASTER has me unlock and edge myself sometimes several times a day. making for a very horny & hungry cocksucker. i have learned that MASTERS pleasure is mine also!!!

  6. Hello, it is somehow for me to put on a chastity device because the head of my cock is big. Do you know where can I get plus size chastity devices?

  7. I generally spend more time in the cage than out. My boyfriend is to nice to force me to wear it, but if I say I’m going to go a certain anoint of time he does hold me to it, and takes full advantage of my trasy state of mind the whole time. I’ve gone 30 days locked up w/o cumming. I’ve been locked up in general much longer than that, right after I do cum I’ll put it back on, or sometimes he likes to put it on me. I’ve tried to lock him up but he won’t let me. Once I got him to do it for a day.

  8. I love wearing my Chastity Device, especially very long term. My Master has me locked in for 2 1/2 years. Although sometimes it hurts, it is worth the pain because I continue to leak all the time. Would never have it another way.

  9. Current lock up is now 6 months, with a very small possibility of a “free” time to get a ampelang piercing at the end of May Sir (the piercing will be of a large gauge to use as anchor point for the slave leash, and the new permanent device it will wear from then on)

  10. the scum is no longer in chastity but was once owned by a Master 24/7 for 6 yrs and in that time was NEVER released from chastity Was uncut when He took possession so He had me cut to enable PERMANENT chastity with only “hosing down” for cleanliness

    • How very amazing indeed!

      But, hopefully your Master not only enforced His ongoing chastity regime just for the sake of His Master / slave protocol, but rather for His own sexual excitement, for the fulfilling of His needs and even for His own hopefully numerous orgasms!?

      Furthermore, did you encounter each year of those 6 years in permanent chastity differently?

      Or otherwise, did your chaste status become easier or even more difficult to endure over those years?

  11. a wonderful site, Sir, and one that makes this pig even more sure that it was bron to serve a Superior. it is happy to offer itself to Master who has Your skills, Sir. Thank you, Sir.

  12. My master has had me locked in chastity so long that my cock drools non stop. he has had to add in diapers as well to stop the wet pre-cum spots on my cloths when he takes me out as well as getting it on the floor and furniture when allowed to set on the couch

  13. I haver never find the right size of chasity, because my cock and balls are kiddylike… 🙁
    Love when il wear it over a long time, even if it hurt a little bit…

  14. SIr,
    i would be honered to be Your slave to serv you with no limits and just to please You!
    i am just stinky dirty slave pig for humiliation, pain and abuse.

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