Collars can be an important element in slave training. They not only provide a means of control, but they are also a symbol of the slave’s submission. By wearing a collar, a slave is immediately put in its place. Here are a few of my favorites:

Locking Bondage Collar

This is a high quality leather collar. It is comfortable for your slave to wear for training sessions and long periods. It’s a good width, which means your slave won’t forget it has it on, but it won’t obstruct movement or weigh it down. It can be locked on, so only you can take it off, not your boy. I really like it has several rings, which are strong enough to be used for bondage. Attach a leash to the middle one and bind its hands to the 2 side rings. A very effective position to train your slave in.




Ruff N’ Tuff Dog Collar 

This collar is a great choice to wear in public. It can look like a piece of jewelry with a small padlock. It will be subtle but still show others your slave is owned.  A slave should always have a collar on.









Padded Leather Locking Posture Collar

posture collarUsing a posture collar ratchets up the training to a new level. Because the neck area is so vulnerable, controlling it can bring the slave strong emotions and deep levels of submission. A posture collar forces your slave to keep its head in a set position. It’s not painful. It’s not even uncomfortable. It’s just restrictive. But restricting movement of the head/neck area is very effective because it goes deep into the instinct level of the mind.




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