I’m a big fan of gags. As slaves are oral creatures, control and manipulation of their mouths is important for training and domination. Gagging equipment can be simple as rope or tape or as sophisticated as multi-piece devices. Based on your budget, you may want to have a couple of different gags in your gear collection because they can have different purposes. Here are a few I recommend:

Ball Gag

You definitely should have a good, high quality ball gag in your tool box. It’s simple but effective. This product is high quality, adjustable and lockable. Because it’s rubber, it won’t hurt the teeth. A ball gag will prevent your slave from closing its mouth. but the slave will instinctively continue to try to close its mouth or even try to pull the ball further into its mouth. After a time, it will start to drool and not be able to stop itself. That’s when it will feel powerless and start to fall into a state of submission.

O-Ring Gag

The O-Ring Gag will prop your boy’s mouth open and give you full access to put anything you want in there. Or just have him there helplessly with its mouth gaping open. This product is made well and the diameter of the ring should work for just about everybody.





Penis Leather Gag

This a great product. The penis insert will be a constant reminder to your slave of its purpose. It will also work well to muzzle a chatty slave. The leather is high quality and will certainly show your slave it is under your control. Read the reviews in the store. You will see it is a favorite.








Piss Gag

This gag forces your slave’s mouth open so you can piss (or anything you want) directly into its mouth or into a funnel or bowl. Now you have an urinal any where you want. Everything has purpose in life, even slaves…

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