Training Tools

Because there’s so many training tools to choose from, it’s easy to go overboard or be overwhelmed by the choices. I believe in “less is more” and starting with some basics s&M tools and then adding a few unique items over time. Bondage gear looks hot, sure. But look for ones that will do the job. They have to be effective tools in training your slave first and foremost. Below are some of my recommendations.

The Enforcer Heavy Leather Paddle

No slave training kit is complete without a good paddle. Of course, there are tools around the kitchen or just an open hand that can do the job. But a well made paddle will give you more consistency and control. There are endless choices when it comes to paddles. Many are more for show then for practicality. I look for quality and effectiveness. The paddle should do the work for you. I selected the Heavy Leather Paddle. It has some weight to it and covers a good amount of surface area. That means just a light slap will do the trick. Adding more to the slap will have your slave begging you to stop in no time. It is also made well and will last. A word of caution though: this paddle is no joke. When you first get it, start out with light slaps. People sometimes get crazy when they first get a new toy. This one will do damage if it is swung too hard.

Wartenberg Wheel (Pinwheel)

pinwheelThe Wartenberg Wheel is a part of a medical device category of bondage gear. It’s original purpose was to be used by doctors to test nerve reactions. So boring. But in the hands of a bondage Master, all types of fun can be experienced. This wheel is rolled up and down your slave’s body. It will create powerful sensations. The needles are sharp but not so sharp as to puncture. Use it on different parts of the body to get different reactions from your boy. On back and or chest, it is a little teasing. On soles of feet or dick, it’s little more torturing. You can use a light touch or add a little pressure to increase intensity. It is weighted, so just adding a little pressure is more than enough to do the trick. When you first introduce this toy to your slave, make sure it is blindfolded. The sensation without seeing what’s causing it will amplify the effect.

Standard Flogger

When you’re ready to go beyond a simple belt, graduate to a flogger. Your collection will definitely go up a notch or two. Not only does it look intimidating, it is an effective training tool for your slave. Once it’s tied down and you pull out your flogger, your slave will know you mean business. I recommend the leather version, particularly for beginners. It gives you the most control, in my opinion. There’s definitely an art to using a flogger. A light, circular motion is a good way to start. Then gradually increase speed and strength to turn up the heat.



Riding Crop

cropThis is a must have for your bondage collection. There’s lots of versions out there, but I think starting with the most basic design is the best way to go. It’s an easy tool to use. I like the short hand version. It gives you a little range but isn’t cumbersome to use and it’s easy to store. It’s a great as a correction instrument or simply as a tool to tease your slave. A crop is a versatile tool that can enhance the training of your pet.


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